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Board of Directors

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The importance of Boys & Girls Club leadership cannot be overstated. Volunteer leaders represent the strength and diversity of our Club. The Board has three basic roles:

  1. Establish strategic direction
  2. Help secure resources
  3. Provide oversight

The Board plays a significant role — along with staff, donors and volunteers — in supporting the Formula for Impact that ensures children and youth who regularly attend the Club achieve academic success, develop good character & citizenship, and observe healthy lifestyles.

Board Officers

Shannon Hammer


Carl Cheffers

Vice President

Susan Halliday


Harold Brown


Board of Directors

  • Susan Ayala
  • Laurie Baccus
  • Harold Brown
  • Gregory Brown
  • Joe Corey
  • Cheryl Estep
  • Sal Failla
  • Derek Johnson
  • Patricia Kasababian
  • Theola Kirschenbaum
  • Phillip Longoria
  • Carl Miller
  • Jeff Nordschow
  • Mary Ann Pacheco
  • Ted Saulino
  • Paul Schirmer
  • Darlene Sharp
  • Darlene Sharp
  • Debbie Wade
  • Jens Welling
  • Christian Zarate
  • Jeniffer Zamora
  • Jason Zuhlke

Advisory Council

  • Elaine Allen
  • Ruben Armienta, D.D.S.
  • Al Campano
  • Ernie Hernandez
  • Steve Hernandez
  • Dr. Maria Pouline-Martinez
  • Pat Monroe
  • Marilyn Neece
  • Jim D. Pon
  • Mickie Yuchno

Executive Director

Oscar Hernandez


  • Don Alvarado
  • Rod Moss
  • Klane Robinson, D.D.
  • Joan Woehrmann