The Boys & Girls Club of Whittier has a long-standing relationship with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, which allows us to provide our Club members with a nutritional snack everyday. The Clubhouse provides lunch to all members on the days we are open during academic holidays and summer break. Meals are provided at no cost to members, and all meals meet district nutritional requirements.

  • In 2013, studies show in the Whittier Area 18.8% if teens and 15.2% of children are overweight (1).
  • Among Whittier City School District schools, 64.9% of the students are eligible for the free and reduced price meal program, indicating a high level of low-income families (1).



The Sunrise Program is a feature that is offered to during school holidays and break to members allowing them to arrive at the club as early as 7 am to ensure members have a place to go when their parents need to leave to work. The sunrise program includes breakfast and activities until the program opens for normal rotations at 10 am. This program accommodates parents’ work schedule and ensures a safe place for members.


Walking Program

The Boys & Girls Club Whittier’s Walking Program is an opportunity parents can utilize during the school year. Every day after school, Boys & Girls Club staff walk from Evergreen Elementary School to the Club. This is a free service thanks to City of Whittier SS for Evergreen students.