Board of Directors

The importance of Boys & Girls Club leadership cannot be overstated. Volunteer leaders represent the strength and diversity of our Club. The Board has three basic roles:  establish strategic direction; help secure resources; and provide oversight. The Board plays a significant role — along with staff, donors and volunteers — in supporting the Formula for Impact that ensures children and youth who regularly attend the Club achieve academic success, develop good character & citizenship, and observe healthy lifestyles.
Board Officers
Phillip Longoria
Shannon Hammer
Vice President
Ted Saulino
Jeff Nordschow


Board of Directors
Don Alvarado
Susan Ayala
Harold Brown
Carl Cheffers
Larry L. Clanton
Joe F. Corey
Ray Cornman
Cheryl Estep
Susan Halliday
Don Heimark
Rudy Hernandez
Dave Johnson
Patricia Kasababian
Joyce Kaufman
Theola Kirschenbaum
Loreto Mauro
Jon McNeil
Carl Miller
Mary Ann Pacheco
Marida Lyn Petitjean
Dr. Greg Polito
Jay Prestella
Peter Rodriguez
Paul Schirmer
Jason Zuhlke
Debbie Duran-Wade


Advisory Council
Al Campano
Steve Hernandez
Dr. Ruben Armienta
Marilyn Neece
Jim Pon
Cheif Jeff Piper
Elaine Allen


Executive Director
Oscar Hernandez